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October 2022
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Education Consulting Services
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Education Consulting Services

Why Students want the Best Education

Education and training provides information, skills and experience.

Education enables individuals to complete more complex tasks, avoid mistakes, perfect skills and be more successful.

Many students travel internationally to obtain better, more specialized, more modern, more professional, more successful, more theoretical, more hands-on, more “something” education and training.

Students want better jobs, better careers and better lives.

The Best Advice May be FREE !!!

The best advice may be free, it may come from the people doing the job that you want to do. Maybe you can find someone that is proud of what they do and takes an interest in helping you.

We call these experienced and insightful people Mentors. They are different from coaches and consultants. Use this link to go to the Mentors page for additional information.

Education Consulting Services

Educational Consultants who charge fees work for you. Work with a consultant you respect, someone you can trust, someone that has your best interests as the goal. Sometimes it takes several consultants, each with a specialty to help you achieve your initial training requirements, start your profession and facilitate on the job skills and training.

The first task of the ESL in Canada education consultant is to understand the abilities, preferences and goals of the student.

The second task is to determine the most appropriate training program for the student.

The third task is to assemble the education and training path for the student.

The fourth task is to monitor the student’s progress along the education path to see if the student is successful, still on target or has changed their priorities.

Consulting Services are important for:

  • Individuals upgrading themselves for their first job
  • Employees building skills to qualify for a promotion
  • Executives with new international responsibilities
  • Entrepreneurs looking to expand international activities
  • University students entering MBA, Medicine, Law, Accounting
  • University students requiring higher Toeic, Toefl scores
  • Students interested in study abroad programs in a foreign country
  • Students taking career or vocational training programs
  • Individuals taking leisure, hobby or special interest programs
  • Immigrants who require Canadian or USA work experience

Professional Education Consulting to select schools

ESL in Canada provides education consulting services for excellent schools, teachers and private classes in Canada.

ESL in Canada inspects the ESL English schools, curriculum, programs, books, learning resources, and interviews teachers and school directors to rank the suitability of school programs for students.

ESL in Canada has professional educational consultants for ESL students. professional services are for students that require more detailed assistance matching the personality, qualities, abilities and aspirations of students into specific programs where they can excel and prosper.

ESL in Canada will provide guided school tours, including interviews with teaching staff and program directors to help students choose the correct study programs and choose the best school between the top 3 or 4 schools offering that program.

ESL in Canada helps students find the best schools, professional education programs, qualified teachers and fair prices.

Canada school programs include:

Canada University Graduate Programs
Canada University Undergraduate Programs
Canada Community College Programs
Canada Private Colleges
Canada Public High School Programs
Canada Private High Schools
Canada Public Elementary Programs
Canada Private Elementary Schools
Canada Private English Language Schools
Canada Private ESL English Language Teachers
Canada Private Business English Language Training
Canada Private Business Skills Training
Canada Private Career Training
Canada Private Vocational Training
Canada Internship Training Programs
Canada TOEIC, TOEFL, IELTS Test Preparation Programs
Canada visitor, student, work visas applications

You can email us for additional information at:

What does ESL in Canada do?

We act as education consultants, provide teaching, training and classes for students.

How do you work?

We provide an initial free interview for students, teachers,

What is the purpose of the initial interview?

We determine several initial facts and create an initial education or action plan.

The first Fact - What role are we playing consultant or educator?

The second Fact - Can we help the client? or should we pass the client to another education consulting service provider?

The third Fact - Can we provide the best classes for the client? or should we pass the students onto another school?

What is the difference between education consulting and simple agency services?

As consultants we charge for the information we provide. As teachers we charge for the training that we provide.

There are many schools and training organizations that do not pay referral fees to external agents. Many agents do not recommend these schools or programs because there is no commission. There are a few programs that are excellent to study in as part of an education program. Because it takes time, effort and money to evaluate these programs - we charge students a consulting fee.

As consultants we have to keep our clients best interests as the number one priority. We do not discriminate between schools that pay fees and schools that do not. Our consulting fee - pays us for the advice that will help the client.

You can email us for additional information at:

Professional Educational Consulting Sessions

To book professional educational consulting sessions use this Paypal button.

Canada Locations
Toronto, Vancouver, Niagara Falls, Banff, Montreal, Ottawa, PEI, Hamilton, Halifax, Calgary, Edmonton, London, Windsor, Edmonton, Winnipeg, Victoria, Nanaimo, Kingston,

You can email us for additional information at:

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