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March 2011
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Education Jobs in Canada
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Teacher Tour Program

The teacher tour program is a combination of travel, using situations and locations to teach English and educational content. The teacher tour program is excellent for adults to learn English vocabulary and practice speaking with a wide variety of native English speakers. The teacher tour program is excellent for teaching students. The students are exposed to a large and varied input of sights and sounds and this keeps them learning more and avoids boredom. Students who are excited and engaged in the learning process - learn more and perform better in tests and using the English language in real live situations.

Education Consultant

Do you like to help people? Has anyone helped you in the past? Did you get a job or get ahead because of your school training or school marks? Did you learn when you travelled overseas? did you enjoy your travel? Maybe being an education consultant is the perfect profession for you.

Homestay Tutors

Homestay in Canada can be a wonderful experience for students to receive real one-on-one tutoring in English pronunciation, language rhythm, tone and timing. The student can hear oral demonstrations and practice their basic conversation skills in a positive nurturing environment that no mass language class in Canada can duplicate. Homestay students have stated that they have learned between 0% and 90% of all English during their stay in Canada at the Homestay. ESL in Canada is interested in developing the positive aspects of individual tutoring for students and help homestay families be properly compensated for the true value of their contributions.

ESL English Teaching

The official ESL in Canada study recommendation for new Canadians or ESL English students over the age of 18 to study English as a second language is to hire a professional ESL English tutor. Hiring a professional ESL English tutor or ESL English teacher or English language Skills coach for 1 or 2 hours a day is less expensive and creates more ESL English learning and ESL English practice teacher time than any ESL English language school in Canada. Being a teacher or tutor can be a rewarding career.

Education Coaches and Mentors

Coaching and mentoring are old professions. Soldiers, artists and athletes have traditionally used teachers to learn skills, coaches to apply those skills and mentors to keep life progressing in balance with history and experience and “holistic” perspectives. Modern teachers, coaches and mentors synthesize the best skills and practices for use in business, leadership training, academics, life styles, exercise, health and nutrition and finance to assist students, individuals, executives, entrepreneurs and professionals.

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ESL in Canada Message Archives
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Web Page Updates
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We are updating the ESL in Canada Directory web Pages.

We are adding some pictures and reducing the side bar links into categories.

The category pages will list and link to the individual pages.

We hope the pages look better and are easier to navigate.

The first pages that have been completed are:


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